My specialty is the systematics and evolution of solitary wasps family Sphecidae since 1955. In addition to minor papers, I have published essential monographs of Palearctic Tachytes (1962), Palearctic Tachysphex (1971), Palearctic Ammatomus (1973), Neotropical Tachysphex (1974), Australian Tachysphex (1977), Old World Parapiagetia (1977), World Prosopigastra (1979), North American Tachysphex (1988), World Kohliella (1991), World Holotachysphex (1992), World Gastrosericus (1995), African Tachysphex (2007), a book of 698 pages, world Palarini (2008, coauthored with Michael A. Prentice), world Sericophorus (2010, coauthored with Ole Lomholdt), and world Larrisson (2012).

I have described a total of three genera and 353 valid species.

I have also created a Bibliography of Sphecidae and Catalog of Sphecidae that includes all the described species, their synonyms and homonyms, and most of the subsequent citations.


a comprehensive taxonomic catalog of the wasp family, Sphecidae.

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