My research interests and experience are centered on the ecology, evolution, phylogeography (or the geographic distribution of genetic lineages), conservation, biogeography and systematics of coral reef fishes. I frequently try to combine these fields, invoking ecology to help explain evolutionary patterns and using molecular tools to test biogeographic and systematic hypotheses. The overall objective of this interdisciplinary research is to test existing hypotheses (and propose new ones) about what generates and maintains the extremely high biodiversity in tropical coral reefs.

Current projects include the survey of unexplored mesophotic coral ecosystems (60-150m depth) using technical diving, the investigation of processes of speciation in marine and freshwater fishes using modern genomic techniques, and contributing to the conservation and restoration of coral reefs. This research is jointly funded by the California Academy of Sciences Hope For Reefs Initiative, Rolex, and the National Science Foundation.

Future research interests include the ecology, evolution, and taxonomy of deep reef fishes, speciation and conservation of tropical marine and neotropical freshwater fishes, evolutionary ecology of mimicry in fishes, and molecular evolution of adaptive coloration in fishes.

Luiz recently won the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Margaret M. Stewart Achievement Award for Excellence in Ichthyology, the International Coral Reef Society Mid-Career Award, and the Rolex Award for Enterprises.

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