Hands-on Interactives

Though the beetles are behind glass, Skulls is a highly interactive experience, inviting you to touch, draw, and even imagine yourself inside various skulls. At the drawing station, use a camera lucida to sketch an American alligator skull. Over at the Predator or Prey vision station, look through a viewer to see like a lion, then flip a lever to experience the same scene as an antelope. Explore characteristics that separate carnivores from herbivores by becoming a “skull detective,” examining eye sockets, teeth, and other identifying features—and then get your hands on the skulls themselves, touching human, horse, and dolphin casts.


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3D Skull Viewer

Academy scientists partnered with Google to image specimens from our research collections using an advanced, automated 3D technique. The results? Jaw-dropping.

Warthog skull
Bandar’s Bones

For more than 60 years, Academy field associate Raymond Bandar has been collecting thousands of skulls. In a ten-case display curated by “Bones” Bandar himself, visitors to the Naturalist Center can explore a variety of skulls featuring curious traits and abnormalities.