Group photo of Hive members on Angel Island

A huge thanks to this team who stewarded and energized the Hive program from the very beginning! The Hive Advisory Council (HAC) is a group of volunteer leaders who served as Hive ambassadors for the Academy’s mission to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration. This group of engaged individuals played a vital role in The Hive by assisting with recruitment, fundraising, marketing, and event planning efforts.


HAC Leadership

Council Chair: Patrick White
Corporate Partnership Chair: Sahil Bansal
Events Chair: Praggya Chaturvedi
Membership & Marketing Chair: Tatum Payan


2023 HAC Members

Hal Boman
Jessica Boualavong
Daniel Breen
Katina Bush
Jolie Chan
Amy Kalnoki
Geoff Kottmeier
Yuxi Lin
Lily Zheng